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Paryana Automation is engaged in providing automation and integration solutions to prominent clients in the manufacturing and service industries. We represent some of the most renowned principals manufacturing high precision automation products and tools.

Over the years, we have developed extensive expertise in providing end-to-end automation services including requirement appraisal, project management, design, testing, installation, commissioning and customer support.

Our value proportion is spelt by our value ecosystem, our unique approach to customer service and "RAS" concept. They collectively ensure that all our solutions - whether project or product - deliver measurable business value. Our Value Ecosystem for holistic value creation is visually represented as under - Paryana Automation Value Ecosystem

Green House

Green House at Paryana Automation is devoted to authentic product development on embedded projects. It is founded on the firm belief that innovation drives industry, more so in the sunrise area of embedded technology.

The Green House follows a unique 4D model

Delve - Research on solution ideas addressing a business need.
Develop - Evolve prototypes, perform tests and develop solution.
Deliver - Run solution in business environment for demonstrable success.
Deposit - Transfer the complete solution to the client.

Green House has helped clients across industries reap business benefits. From a Digital yarn twist tester for a Textile company and regulated power supply for a Railway car shed to a Centralized display unit for a Atomic power station and special recording units for a Battery Manufacturer, Green House has spelt phenomenal innovation across industries.

If you need help on product development or have an idea for developing a product then write to us at

Also review the below snapshot of the work done in product development.

Work Snapshot - Product Development

Digital Yarn Twist Tester for a Textile company
we developed a digital Yarn Twist Tester to ascertain yarn durability prior to the cloth weaving. As soon as the concept was explained and the product specilcations mutually agreed upon, we set in motion to eventually develop the exact solution using a micro-conlroller. A tew prototypes were provided to the customer for the rugged held testing of the product. After a tew iterations, the complete application was successJlly developed. We produced the first batch of 20 numbers on behalf of the client followed by the transfer of product technology.

Regulated power supply for Railway Car shed
Locomotive units consume high power regulated supply for their chopper drives in suburban trains. The Railways used to source these unit at a prenium price. We developed the complete flame-proof DC regulated power supply with added safety features in record time. The solution was successfully implemented at the car shed after rigorous testing.

Centralized Display Unit for Atomic Power Station
A proninent atomic power station was in need of a centralized display unit in its Central Observation area. We quickly developed a successfully tailored solution using a nKro-controller.

Special Recording Units for a Battery Manufacturer
We developed special purpose units for recording of humidity and temperature. This enabled smooth recording of these parametecs within the chambers housing the batch test of batteries.


We have expertise in providing Engineering and Software solutions for projects in Industrial Automation, Plant Intelligence, MES and ERP Plant Data Integration. We use solutions involving PLC, SCADA software and other automation products to provide end to end solutions to our customers.

We assume end-to-end responsibility for all project implementations encompassing three phases

Seeding - Requirement Gathering and Appraisal.
Plantation - Design, Project management, Testing.
Harvest - Installation, commissioning, customer service.

If you would like to know more about our SCADA and PLC implementations then please write to us at

We will then set a call with you and talk about our work.


This support will be extended in two modes:

Tech support to the Sales team during Presales.
Client Support for product-related issues.

We will set a dedicated tech support team for your organization working along with you.

Write to us at and tell us about the sales challenges that you are facing. We will then set a call with you to find out if our inside sales service could add value in this situation.

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